FLORTTE, Who we are!

Dec 17, 2023

FLORTTE is a makeup brand that stands out in the national market with its premium design and cute product line. Founded in 2019, Flortte adheres to the concepts of "affordable", "girly" and "cute", focuses on the careful design of each product, and implements strict quality control during the production process to ensure that each product is an exquisite piece of art. Strict quality control is implemented to ensure that each product is a delicate work of art.

Product Design and Manufacturing:
Each Flortte product is carefully designed to achieve a perfect combination of appearance and function. The brand focuses on the packaging design of its products with unique color combinations and fashionable elements to make them more stylish and artistic. Whether it is an eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow palette or lipstick, each product reflects the brand's high pursuit of design and aesthetics. During the manufacturing process, Flortte strictly controls every step of the process and is committed to providing high-quality, high-grade beauty products.

Brand Empathy and Dependability:
Flortte is committed to building a deep emotional bond with consumers. Through exquisite product design and high-quality manufacturing processes, the brand strives to create a unique brand experience that leads to stronger brand empathy. In the world of Flortte, every young girl can find her own unique makeup style, thus building deep trust and reliance on the brand.

Design Experience:
Flortte is committed to stimulating consumers' desire to buy. Through the innovative design, uniqueness and premium feel of its products, the brand allows consumers to feel a unique sense of honor when choosing beauty products. Each new product launch is the result of the brand's keen understanding of fashion trends and consumer needs, and Flortte creates a unique shopping experience that inspires a strong desire to buy.

International Market Presence:
Flortte has successfully established a solid brand image in the international market through its unique design, high quality products and close association with fashion trends. Its unique strategy of low to medium prices has not only attracted the attention of young girls in China, but also won wide acclaim in the international market. The brand is actively expanding into overseas markets through cooperation and participation with the international fashion industry, pushing Flortte's brand reputation to new heights.

International Fashion Collaboration:
Flortte has established strong partnerships in the international fashion arena, bringing the brand to the international stage through collaborations with renowned designers, fashion bloggers, and fashion week events. This strong network of collaborations not only enhances the brand's fashion sense, but also gains Flortte more opportunities in the international market, allowing more consumers to experience the brand's unique appeal.

FLORTTE is more than a beauty brand, it is a feast of beauty and design. Through its dedication to design and manufacturing, the brand has created a unique beauty world that offers young girls more choices and more colors, allowing them to experience a more confident and stylish makeup in their daily lives. every Flortte innovation is a subversion of beauty, allowing consumers to find a more perfect and personalized version of themselves in the brand.