Lying Silkworm Pen
Lying Silkworm Pen
Lying Silkworm Pen
Lying Silkworm Pen
Lying Silkworm Pen
Lying Silkworm Pen

Lying Silkworm Pen

Lying Silkworm Pen

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FLORTTE Lying Silkworm Pen has an extremely fine 0.005mm tip that pays attention to every eye detail, depicting the perfect eye shadow, and is also multi-purpose, so you can get all your eye makeup done with one pen.

• Brand: FLORTTE
• Product Name: FLORTTE Lying Silkworm Pen
• Type: Lying Silkworm Pen
• Specificities & Efficacy: This product utilizes advanced composite film technology, which allows for rapid drying and formation of a protective layer, making it waterproof and resistant to smudging, thus ensuring long-lasting makeup wear. It is equipped with a PBT brush and a low-density fiber tube that covers the brush, enhancing its application capabilities. The high porosity hydrophilic core enables smooth ink flow, ensuring even distribution of the product with stable performance during use. This combination of technology and design contributes to an easy, effective, and reliable makeup application process.
• Usage: After completing your eye makeup, start by smiling to easily locate the position of your lower eyelid's puffy area, often referred to as the "aegyo sal" or the "eye smile" area. The initial stroke should be made directly below the pupil, and from there, softly blend outwards towards the corners of your eyes. Use a highlighting shade to fill in this area, creating an illusion of brighter, fuller, and more youthful-looking eyes. This technique not only enhances the overall eye makeup look but also adds a touch of liveliness and dimension to your eyes.
• Remove: Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover, pour it onto a cotton pad and apply it gently to remove it easily.

Tips: After use, please cover the pen cap, flat storage, so as not to expose the nib in the air to form a film, resulting in the phenomenon of not easy to come out of the phenomenon; out of the water is not smooth, with a wet towel to gently wipe the nib can be.


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